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Adult Swim by Adults, for Adults

Adult Swim Adults
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Created by a woman fed up with kiddy bullshit at _adultswim, this community is for adult fans of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. To join the community, you must be 18+ or able to prove that you're not a complete fucking moron and can follow the rules of the community. (Note the emphasis there--I'm sick of people bitching, "I want to join but I'm under 18! I can't read simple requirements! Waaah! I'm going to go listen to emo music!")
Which brings us to our next point:

TEH RULEZ!!!1one11omgpayattention
1.) Don't type like you're a 12 year old AOL user (unless you're trying to be funny, in which case exercise caution).
2.) Don't post the same fucking quiz results over and over. Any quiz posted MUST be AS related; if you, too, would like to share your results with the community, post them as comments on the original entry. If the results won't fit in a comment, USE YOUR FUCKING BRAIN and (a) crop the code to fit, (b) post your results in your own damn LJ and link the entry, or (c) don't even bother (NEWS FLASH! No one knows you or cares!).
3.) Don't abbreviate words like "are" and "you." If you're too much of a lazy bastard to write in a legible manner, we're too lazy to read it.
4.) If it isn't AS-related, it doesn't belong here. We don't care if you've just created a community so fabulous God himself would ejaculate to see it; if we can't by some stretch of the imagination associate it with something Adult Swim, we don't want it posted here.
5.) "Gay" is not a synonym for "stupid."
6.) Ellipses are not period substitutes.
7.) If you're going to bother to make an introductory entry upon joining, make it worth our while to read it.
8.) For the love of god and all that is holy, spell-check before you post.
9.) Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. If you can take the time to join the community, you can take the time to read a short list.
10.) If you want to appeal being banned from the community, contact ishokunaeppy, the moderator for this community (but you'd better have a pretty fucking good argument). Any other requests for moderation also go to her; however, she loves a good flame war, so unless someone's being a complete asshat, don't go running to her for help and expect her to do anything more than laugh at you and possibly kick you in the ribs while you're down.

1.) First time you break a rule, you get a warning. Entry deletion is at moderator discretion.
2.) If you break a rule again within two months after your warning, you get banned. If you can go two months without messing up, though, your warning is wiped and it's as through you never broke the rules.
3.) If you wish to re-apply after being banned, you must wait a minimum of one month. Anyone attempting to re-apply earlier will have their application ignored and risk being permanently banned.
4.) Permanent bans will probably only be issued in cases where the user has been banned repeatedly but will be subject to moderator discretion.

Those will probably be updated periodically, so keep up to date. Any changes will be noted in an entry as well to avoid any "But I didn't know" bitching.
That being said--play nice, unless someone pisses you off. Have fun, kids.